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American Rescue Plan Act

News Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Mifflin County Commissioners Tentatively Approve Projects for American Rescue Plan Act Funding


Mifflin County Commissioners Tentatively Approve Projects for American Rescue Plan Act Funding
Lewistown, PA - In March, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was authorized by the U. S. Congress and signed by the President. It provided $360 billion to establish a State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund to allow for local units of government, including townships, boroughs and counties, to receive relief from the Covid-19 pandemic. The Rescue Plan provides relief to local governments to enable them to lay the foundation for a strong economic recovery. In addition to helping these governments address the revenue losses they have experienced as a result of the crisis, it will help them cover the costs incurred from responding to the public health emergency and provide support for a recovery. 
According to the formula for distribution, Mifflin County received $8.9 million. The funding allowed the flexibility to the Mifflin County Commissioners to hold a pre-application process through June 30, 2022 to accept applications from Municipalities, Municipal Authorities, Broadband Providers, and Non-Profit agencies for the use of the funds.  In total, the County received 67 requests for the use of the funds totaling over $32M.
Generally, the Commissioners considered the following principals:
1.       To protect existing and future citizens from increased property taxes, capital projects and deferred maintenance projects were identified and financed in lieu of borrowing and incurring debt;
2.       Address costs associated with the COVID pandemic and the prevention of future pandemic effects;
3.       Whether or not there were other funds besides ARPA that could be used or whether the ARPA funds are used in conjunction with other funds;
4.       Support the volunteer fire departments and first responders that protect the citizens in their communities;
5.       Support the workforce and human services of the county affected by the pandemic and become more nimble going into the future;
6.       Initiate a capital improvement fund, making no interest loans available for needed infrastructure and capital projects, thereby reusing the funds for future countywide projects.
The County is opting to fund the following Categories:  County Buildings, HVAC, Flooring and Other Improvements, Public Safety, Education & Workforce, Human Services, and Infrastructure. All projects are subject to final terms and agreement.
Mifflin County ARPA Project Distribution:
  1. County Buildings, HVAC, Flooring and Other Improvements
    1. Total                                                                                                 $642,000
  1. Public Safety
    1. Volunteer Fire Companies - Air Packs & Equipment                   600,000
    2. MC Correctional Facility - HVAC                                                  2,500,000
    3. MC Correctional Facility - Security/Intercom                                125,000
    4. Mifflin County Coroner - Equipment                                                25,000
    5. One Dog at a Time - Facility Improvements                                    25,000     
    6. Total (5)                                                                                           3,275,000
  1. Education and Workforce
    1. Geisinger School of Nursing - Equipment                                     100,000
    2. Mifflin Co Library - Building Improvements                                 250,000         
    3. Mifflin County Academy - Simulators                                           150,000
    4. County - Multi-Year Technology Upgrades                                  248,000
    5. Mifflin County Wireless - LTE Equipment                                     250,000
    6. Total (5)                                                                                              998,000
  1. Human Services
    1. Habitat for Humanity - Community Center Improvement            30,000
    2. YMCA - Facility Improvements                                                          62,000
    3. Mifflin County Employee - COVID Premium Pay                          130,000              
    4. Total (3)                                                                                              222,000
  1. Capital Improvement & Infrastructure Bank Loans
    1. MCIDC - Building 5C Demolition                                                     500,000
    2. County Water Authority - Water Extension                              1,000,000
    3. Brown Township - Sewer Extension                                               500,000
    4. Burnham Borough - Wastewater Improvements                         500,000
    5. Armagh Township - Infiltration Remediation                               400,000
    6. Lewistown Borough - Infiltration Remediation                            200,000
    7. Countywide - Capitalization of Fund                                               727,766
    8. Total (6)                                                                                           3,827,766
  1. Grand Total                                                                                                             8,961,766

Further information can be directed to Planning at (717) 242-0887.‚Äč